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The imagination of our creative team and the choice of brands in our Show Room, leaves breathless both professionals in the field of catering and individuals who want quality kitchen equipment in their home. Guided by that, we designed our performance on the HoReCa scene in two ways, so we are present as a specialized wholesale for the markets of our country and abroad, but also as a retail for shopping for home needs. Our Show Room with tableware is located at Pančevački put 64, Belgrade, our retail Show Room is located at Karađorđeva 25, Belgrade, and our ON LINE SHOP with delivery to your address is available on our website.
Our goal and mission is to present the world's highest quality brands in the field of professional catering equipment, so we are proud to point out the exclusive distribution representation of English porcelain Steelite, which with its design and quality wins all hearts. When it comes to cutlery, we especially emphasize the English brand Robert Welch, whose design and quality are accompanied by British and world awards and recognitions. When it comes to glass cups, the inviolable German quality of the Stolzle brand meets the requirements of even the most demanding bartenders. The rest of the novelties, and the collection follows with the brands Lava, Pentole Agnelli, Libbey, Duralex, APS, Gural, Amefa, Mori, Kapp, Paderno, De Buyer. For further a list of world names and their latest collections, check out our website.


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Tableware Catalogue

Specialized professional catering tableware catalogue

Specialized catalog of tableware 21/22
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Steelite porcelain

Steelite porcelain made with the vision to redefine the future by looking into the past. Start your journey into the world of magic English porcelain with the Craft line, which is inspired by handmade simple rustic dishes. Brown Dapple accompanies it with its simplicity and the possibility of combining, while the latest Bead collection represents a real refreshment and reduction of lines and shapes.
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Pans made in France

De Buyer kitchen utensils

Check out the latest collection of pans and kitchen utensils De Buyer "Made in France".
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Products on sale

As a special offer after the end of the season, we organize the sale of old collection of tableware.


Equipping of catering facilities

The equipping of catering facilities is a comprehensive, dynamic and demanding job, and these are the characteristics that make company Union Drvo stand out. The equipping is approached in our company in a special way, with the ideas and creativity of the project team, great involvement of project managers, and great freedom of choice by investors. When it is about furniture, according to the project, investors can choose custom made & tailor made pieces of furniture, define dimensions and finishes - type and color of wood, type and color of materials, as well as decorative stiches. The equipping of professional kitchens we do according to project and all HoReCa standards. The equipping of Your object with table ware we do professionally and analitically in selection process we participate together with Your management staff in kitchen and restaurant, and we make unique offer everything according to Your needs. The interior and tableware is Your guest's first encounter with Your idea of ​​catering, allow yourself the imagination, and allow Union Drvo professionals to make the interior and equipment of your venue breathtaking and make the guest's stay comfortable and comfortable.

Your partner Union Drvo

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